With the rise of reality TV over the years, many seem to have adopted the kind of attitudes that makes it ok to behave in a badly manner and yet portray a sense of satisfaction based on the results with no apology for the bad behaviour shown in the process.

This is a bit disturbing to me as we seem to be creating a society where bad behaviour is not regarded as condemnable as long as the end result seems to be convenient for us or the acting party.

In my view, truly fulfilling satisfaction comes at a price of having made an effort to behave in a way that is considerate to others and the environment. The results may vary but the process is just as important as the result.

We are constantly redefining the norms in our lives and environments.  Making bad behaviour normal may lead to a degradation of our societies and consequently, of our sense of wellbeing.  We have become desensitised to violence, both physical and emotional, we excuse mediocrity and other unacceptable behaviours because the “perpetrators” seem satisfied with the results or are somewhat “successful”.  This is seen and promoted, I guess, in a lot of the high rated reality TV shows today; and because we support them, we reward such behaviours.

Food for thought! 🙂

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