Reading this Huffington Post article titled Black Men Are Giving Themselves A Space To Talk About Mental Health raised quite a number of questions in my mind.

For those that do not know, #YouGoodMan has been trending topic since Kid Cudi’s post about depression and checking into rehab. Which, to be honest, is not a familiar story in our society because men are more often than not expected to just “man up” about everything.

Have men been portrayed as being the gender less affected by normal mental health issues? Are we expecting men to sweep negative emotions and anxiety under the rug?  Is that how we define masculinity? What are the long-term effects of this constant pressure to put on a facade? What was the place of the women when this was even more widely expected from men than it is today? Is there a link between this and how women are still being treated in society in general?

So many questions raised…not enough answers yet. Just wanted to share this with you. Maybe you have some answers. But take a look at the thread on Twiter, a lot of people had some very interesting things to say.

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