1. Forgive yourself

You will need to forgive yourself for past “failures”. No matter how much success you experience, if tainted with some guilt from past failures, it will be hard to be fully fulfilled by it.

  1. Forgive others

You will need to forgive others for past “failures”. Forgiving others is taking away all the power from those past failures even if you held someone or some people responsible for them.

  1. Let go of past failures

In other words, let go of anything that you view as part of the “unfairness” of life. Events that you had no control over and all the “if only” you have used to explain your past “failures” so far.

  1. Be grateful

Grateful that you have lived to see the fruits of your work, perseverance and resilience. Grateful that you found a reason to carry on rather than an excuse to give up. That, in the end of it all, you prevailed with a little bit of your soul left in you.

  1. Do not be apologetic

Whether you attribute some of or all of the elements of your success to luck, divine blessing, or help from people who are not as successful, you do not owe an apology for your success.

Be happy it worked out, show compassion toward those that didn’t see a similar outcome, help whoever you possibly can, do all the good you can all the time you can…but do not feel like you didn’t deserve it and/or you’d have looked better if you were not as successful.

I think that this applies to any form of success: Forgive, be grateful, do not apologise.


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