Why be patient? Because it keeps us busy while waiting for some sort of action? No.
We are patient or should be patient because we have that little bit of faith in the visible or sometimes invisible processes that will bring about the results we are desiring. We still believe that there is some chance, however little, for such an outcome. Therefore, patience expires when such faith or trust is lost. When all signs indicate that such an outcome will NOT be as a result of the current process, the actions being taken, the ongoing events or situation…
Will you stay in a queue at a bank even if you can’t see any cashier working? The queue moving? No-one telling you it has moved since they got there? Most of us will go check another branch a few minutes or hours later…this simply shows you that we all have a bit of faith but it runs out really fast if nothing indicates the likelihood of the expected outcome happening.
Before patience expires, you should check what you have been doing to get the desired outcome and make changes. If after making changes you still don’t have the minimal faith and trust required to remain patient, ask yourself this one question: is the outcome desired consistent with where I am currently at in life, with what I am currently doing and the situation I currently am in?
You cannot expect to have a house and not have some form of income, selflessness from someone who is not willing to be unselfish, value from someone who finds pleasure in devaluing you, a good and safe ride from someone who is intoxicated, etc.… however patient you are, the actions, situations and circumstances in these cases are not conducive to the outcome desired.
Sometimes, giving ourselves deadlines is the best way to remind ourselves to look into the mirror and evaluate our chances to achieve what we aim to achieve in the different spheres of our lives…to check if the minimal faith or trust needed to sustain the patience still exist within us.

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